How to process the lines of CNC processing
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After tens of thousands of tests and testing, it is proved to be the most effective way to solve the CNC after processing of polishing sand - It is sponge sand
There are many kinds of sponge sand called, or polishing sand, sponge polishing sand, foam polishing sand etc.;
In China, it is also known as abrasive and abrasive.
Sponge sponge is the sponge as the raw material for sponge scrub. The sponge as the substrate, and finally add a super fine, super high hardness diamond sand, emery, etc..
Sponge sand because of its flexibility, surface cleaning can easily bend, fold;
And sponge sand absorbent ability is very strong, can maintain a long time humidity grinding.
Sponge sand processing CNC after processing is no substitute for abrasive material, can be made according to the shape of the surface of a variety of polishing grinding.
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